As Half Dead has grown, we have worked with several riders to get the message out to the skate world. These are the current team riders.

Neil Danns

DanZ was a competition machine in the 80's in the UK vert scene. Known for his consistency and fluid riding style, Neil was almost always top 3 whatever contest he entered. Now Neil skates regularly, showing the youngsters that unmistakeable style, and is a coach for Sky Sports, where he coaches kids on many aspects of physical education and promoting regular exercise and activity. We're stoked to have Neil on Half Dead. We go back a long way!


Patric Backlund


Patric is a swedish ripper known for his incredible vert skating ability. Back in the 80's, he had arguably the best contorted hand plants ever, and was a vertical tour de force. We met at a contest in 1982 and have stayed in touch ever since, so I was super stoked when he agreed to ride for Half Dead. He also helped tremendously in the shape design of the new WoodenHead board. His influence is felt in Half Dead every day. 


Hans "Puttis" Jacobson


When you see Puttis skate you cannot mistake his style. Big and burly, yet precise and nuanced, he rips ramps and bowls apart with the mastery of someone who regularly placed top 3 in Europe in the 80's. A great influence on the upcoming generation of vert riders, he is the embodiment of what Half Dead is all about. 


Tony Jansson


Tony is another powerhouse Swedish rider who is unmistakable when you see him ride. Known for his abilities in taking any kind of hand plants to the max, his riding shakes the ground when you're near a ramp. Still has one of the most technically proficient and beautifully styled Todd Twists in skating. 


Past Riders


Teams change, and we know that a rider's tenure on any team is fluid. These are some of the riders we've flowed in the past who have gone on to other opportunities. We wish them well, and thank them for their help in making the Half Dead story what it is. 

Justin Lynch

Justin is a midwestern ripper from the 80's and 90's who has an amazing arsenal of tricks. We had the opportunity to have Justin ride half Dead in the Vans Pool Party 2014 for us, and he rode the Chart Attack to a solid 7th place in the masters final! We couldn't be happier with Justin and hope we get the chance to support him in future events. 


Lucian Hendricks


Lucian is another UK vert ripper who was the only European Dogtown pro in the 80's. His style is fast and fluid and bionic. Known for his aerial mastery, he is regularly to be found at the London House of Vans with his two boys ripping up a storm. Lucian now has a pro model with another company and we wish him all the best.